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Try Before You Buy

The perfect solution to a difficult decision

Can't decide what art to choose?
Want some help selecting the best art for your decor?

  • Take a photo
  • Pick some designs
  • X3AN115
  • X3AS101
  • send us the codes
  • or ask us to recommend
  • email us
  • We'll prepare the images
  • banner
  • and return them to you
  • usually within 48 hours
  • it's free... only from Hangings

1. Take a Photo

send us a photo of your setting

Just take a photo, with your digital camera or your phone, of the wall where the art is to go.

Front on is best, showing the wall with the furniture in place.

2. Choose some art

Decide what art you'd like to see in place or let us know if you'd like us to recommend some options.

X3AN115 X3AS101 X2AD106

3. List the Codes

send codes

List the codes you'd like to see displayed, or just type "recommend" on the subject line.

4. Email us

send to us

Email us the photo & codes at Hangings

5. We'll get to work...

decor reconstruction

6. and get the images back to you...

with the prints in place, usually within 48 hours.


and... it's free... only from Hangings. It's just one of the pleasures in dealing with Hangings.