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Why are Hangings artwork & digital printing services better than the rest?


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We don't do "boring"! We recognise that not all tastes are the same and we attempt to cater for a variety of desires but if we believe it's drab and uninteresting... we simply don't do it. A combination of image, printing technology and materials provide our prints with excellent colour separation, better greys & more depth that cause Hangings images to jump off the wall and greet you as you enter the room.


Printing technology...

printer ink

We use the best printing technology in the world to ensure you get the best mix of design and practicality. There's not much point in having a beautiful print that you have to lock away in a temperature-controlled sealed vault. Our prints can be enjoyed almost* anywhere in your home or business.
* use as a shower mat excluded (because we haven't tried that yet!)


Materials quality...

x series roll

We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our materials. We are always looking for the best materials on which to display our images. This means getting the best balance between hardiness and weight. Sure, we can mount our prints on a block of steel... but you'd have to reinforce your walls to hang them. Hangings prints are mounted to hard backed, hollow-cored panels, making them more durable that most prints yet light enough to easily hang on any wall. Our printing material is high grade commercial fabric allowing for safe and easy cleaning without the usual concern of affecting the image. Hangings prints have pre-cut insets so they are ready-to-hang for an absolutely flush mount.


So, what does this all mean?


Hangings prints are:




(image courtesy of Nintendo Corp)



Ready to hang



Visibly striking


moisture resistant

Moisture resistant... okay for kitchens and bathrooms


Kiddy proof


Hangings wall prints come in 5 different "frame" types:

1. Traditionally framed F-series

f-series see more...


2. Gallery wrapped canvas C-series

c-series see more...


3. Premium shadow-effect T-series

t-series see more...


4. Frameless beveled-edge X-series

x-series see more...


5. Kids H-series

h-series see more...


When choosing Hangings Wall Art for paintings, prints, photos to canvas, print online or offline… you always get excellence in quality, value, design & service.

Still not convinced? Here's the contact info for some good counselling!